Record and Strongroom Doors

Record Room Door

The record room door is designed provide protection against fires and burglary.

A high security keylock is used, which is protected by a 6mm steel plate with back plate for easy access to servicing of locks.

A strong steel frame is provided with four grip lugs for building in.

The door has an opening of 1880mm x 790mm while the door frame has an overall size of 1980mm x 990mm. the wall opening size required is 1930mm x 880mm

Door is secured with 32mm diameter heavy steel sliding bolts and 2 x key locks.


Re-lockers installed inside door as an extra precaution against attacks and burglary.

Strong Room Doors

Insurance industry rated and approved

Barrier material ensures safety to the highest standard in the event of an attack. Strong room doors are designed to withstand attacks such as disc grinders and drilling machines.

The doors are secured by 32mm diameter heavy steel sliding bolts.

High security locks are fitted.


The Cat 1, 2(LD), 2(HD), door is 1 930mm x 880mm with an opening of 1 880mm x 790mm with an approximate weight of Cat1 (352), 2 (380), 3 (540) kg.

The Cat 2ADM door is 1 960mm x 940mm with an opening of  1 880mm x 790mm with an approximate weight of 716kg



The Strong room door meets the SABS Cat 1, 2 requirements against various forms of burglary attack. Lock picking or pin point drilling are negated by the use of high security locks, hard plates and highly responsive relocking devices and Protection against forceful attacks such as cold chisels, drilling machines, various hand tools and high speed grinders.  


Standard Strong room doors

Record Room


Category 1 Door Category 2 Light Duty Door Category 2 Heavy Duty Door


Category 2 ADM Door

Small Wall Opening

Category 2 ADM Door

Large Wall Opening

A – Wall Opening 1 930 (H) x 880 (W)  1980(H) x 1065(W)
B – Clear Opening

(Door Open 180°)

1 880 (H) x 790 (W)  1920(H) x 890(W)
C – Clear Opening

(Door Open 90°)

720 (W)
D – Over Door Frame 1 980 (H) x 990 (W)  2086(H) x 1300(W)
E – Projection of Door open to 90° 875 mm  1165mm
F – Projection of Door open to 180° 145 mm
Outer Door Plate 6mm 10mm 12mm 20mm / 50mm 80mm 110mm
Weight 180kg 350kg 380kg 540kg 610kg 750kg
Standard Locking 1 Keylock 1 Keylock 2 Keylocks 2 Keylocks 2 Keylocks 2 Keylocks




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